Doubling Rule Concept Visual


How is this used?

Ask the following questions:

  1. Am I adding a vowel suffix? (If yes, add the base of the cone.)
  2. Does the base word end in one vowel then one consonant? (If yes, add the 1st scoop labeled VC.)
  3. Is the final syllable accented? (Initially this is taught with only one syllable words. If you are at the beginning stage, teach the student to say: “Yes, all one-syllable base words are accented” and add the 2nd scoop.)
  4. Did we make a double ice cream cone? (If yes, teach student to say: “We double the final consonant before adding our vowel suffix”.)

This pdf includes both teacher size and student size kinesthetic / visual tools to aid in the understanding of the steps to apply the doubling rule.

Please do not share it with other therapists. It is priced to encourage you to abide by copyright restrictions.