Dr. Melissa McMahan

Dyslexia Therapist

Dr. Melissa McMahan, Ph.D, LDT, CALT-QI, dedicated over 10 years of her life to helping students overcome reading difficulties. Inspired by her son, Maxwell--whose difficulty with reading launched her research into dyslexia--Dr. McMahan studied traditional classroom teaching methods and questioned why teachers seemed unable to help Maxwell learn. He had the intelligence and motivation to perform well, yet something didn’t “click” in his brain. His eventual dyslexia diagnosis led her to study reading and dyslexia in-depth, where she later developed the Dyslexia Therapy decks--easy-to-use teaching materials created with the therapist in mind. 

Dr. McMahan’s insight and knowledge into the world of dyslexia allowed numerous students to understand how to read. Wanting to share her teachings and publications with other therapists and training centers, she founded Jane Brookwell Publishing in 2016. The company has continued to grow since its establishment and continues to share Dr. McMahan’s invaluable teaching materials with other reading therapists, schools, universities, and training centers.

The products of this company are dedicated in loving memory of Maxwell William McMahan

Dyslexia Therapy
Decks Developed by Dr. McMahan

Important changes and additions include:

  • updated artwork
  • changes in keywords
  • for the therapists that use Graph of Concepts and Multisensory Introductions, the order of introduction on the card matches the number on the top of the graph, which includes several new cards such as the three sounds of suffix -ed and all final stable syllables, including those introduced as concepts
  • sounds are indicated between /  / to match current research
  • Assimilation of key information on the card
  • Advanced Reading
  • Keywords & Sounds
  • Final Stable Syllables
  • Spelling Situations
  • Common Morpheme